The Three Reindeer by Krissy


The Three Reindeer

By Krissy


One day Snowy lost her teddy bear and went looking for it. And then, mama and papa said to Rudolph,” Where is Snowy?” And Rudolph said she went looking for her teddy bear. After her family went to find her, they looked and looked so hard they were so tired. And while she was looking for her teddy bear she met a bunny named Snowflake. They became best friends.


Snowflake saw three bowls of berries. She tried each one, and she ate the littlest one.  Then, she saw three pairs of snow boots. Papa’s snow boots were to big. Mama’s snow boots were to small and baby’s snow boots were just right. When Mama, Papa and Rudolph woke up they went looking for her again. One day Snowy found her teddy bear and a few minutes later Mama, Papa and Rudolph found her. Mama asked who might this be? Snowy said this is my best friend Snowflake. And Rudolph said, “ I thought I was your best friend. Ha! I was just kidding.


       They all hugged and hugged. Snowflake said, “Goobye” and hopped away. The end!


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