The Three Rubber Ducks by Kyle


The three giant rubber ducks

By Kyle



One day there was a family of rubber ducks. Baby ducks fish was too cold so they went to find a lighter to make it warm. Then a rubber girl came in looking for her lost dogs, but she couldn’t find them. But then she found some rubber fish on the table. Baby’s fish was just right and she ate it all up. Then she found three pairs of rubber hats. Baby’s was just right. Then she found three beds. She tried papas. Too hard, she said. Next she tried mama’s .Too soft! She said. Then she tried babies. Just right, she said she fell asleep.


The three giant rubber ducks came back and saw that some one ate their fish. Their hats have been tried on. Their beds have been slept in. And some one had been sleeping in baby’s bed. The girl jumped up and screamed and ran away. She thanked the rubber ducks and left with her dogs. She waved good-bye.  


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