Challenge Newsletter- Weeks of March 11 and 18, 2013


Language Arts- We will begin Greek Mythology soon.

Grammar lessons- commas in a series, possessive nouns and more.
Idiom lessons- What do they mean?
Literacy Centers- Topics: building language, writing, listening to stories, brain puzzles and reading.
Spelling/Vocabulary list-
***The second chapter book should be read by April 11th.(above third grade reading level/ 100 pages or more)
Math- Fractions
Adding fractions with similar and different denominators
Mixed Fractions/ improper fractions
Comparing and ordering fractions
Social Studies- Economics
So far, we discussed economic specialization, economic interdependence, natural, human and capital resources, bartering. We will discuss opportunity costs next.
Happy Birthday to Joy (March 22)!
Spring Break – No school – March 29-April 7
End of third quarter- April 11
No school for teacher records day- April 12
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