Dress your turkey project


Thanksgiving Family Project


Have you heard of turkey with dressing? This is your opportunity to use your imagination and creative thinking skills to “dress” your turkey in a disguise.

Give your turkey a personality and a name.  Transform this ordinary brown bag into a turkey character who is trying to escape being the main meal.

Use the patterns and colored paper inside the brown bag and follow the directions to make the basic turkey.

Then, add your own flair! Disguise it by making a costume. Add your own decorations, sequins, colored paper, fabric, props, etc.

Finished turkeys are due Wednesday, November 20, 2013. Your parents can even help you!

We will then do a writing activity in class based on your project. Be sure not to put your name on the front of your turkey. We’ll have a contest for overall best turkey, most creative and most artistic. Secret judges will vote!

Look on our blog to see some examples from previous years to give you an idea of how the finished product will look. Happy Thanksgiving!   Here are examples from previous years.           Turkey contest 2012 010        photo (1)Turkey contest 2012 009

Turkey contest 2012 011

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