Weekly Newsletter- November 4, 2013

 Language Arts
We’ll be reading Eating the Plates by Lucille Recht Penner. Informative yet entertaining book about Pilgrims and Native Americans during Thanksgiving.
It’s a Pilgrim book of food and manners.
(reading level 5.2)
Ongoing classwork- State report research using laptops and books.
“How To” presentations will begin this week.
November book report– Read a NON-Fiction book (more than 100 pages) Could be a biography, a book about animals, space, the Civil War, etc.
 Due Dec. 2nd.
Spelling list- re (prefix) words- Study spelling only, no definitions


Writing “How to” blow a bubble paragraph utilizing lots of adjectives and transition words.
Daily Edit worksheets- Reviewing metaphors, similes, capitalization rules, synonyms, antonyms, etc.
Comprehension Skill: Theme

Often authors have a message for the reader, main idea. 

Look for key details in the actions and words of characters to find the theme.

Math– Testing on  Ch. 3 Multiplication and Division fact families, multiples, properties of multiplication, and lattice multiplication.
Social Studies- Government (Local), Governments enforce and make laws, structure of local government, Bill of Rights
Science– Minerals- Focus on light and luster
**Please return empty report card yellow envelope. We re-use it each quarter. 
Thank you to all the volunteers and to all the parents who sent in snacks and drinks. The Halloween Party was perfectly done. 
November is a beautiful month to be thankful; I’m thankful for wonderful parents like YOU. 
Your children come in each morning with joy in their hearts, and it makes me instantly happy. 
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