October, 2015

Spelling and vocabulary words- Oct. 26, 2015


curious hesitant anxious inconsiderate adventurous ferocious furious disrespectful humble courteous Please see spelling city for meanings. Test Friday- Study 5 words out of this list. Study all 10 meanings of these words.

Weekly newsletter- October 26, 2015


Language Arts -reading an article on gorillas -doing research on gorillas and writing a paragraph -cause/effect concept -Studying metaphors Spelling and Vocabulary theme: Gorilla related words- https://www.spellingcity.com/lantj/ Study and know ALL the meanings. But choose 5 of the words to spell …Continue reading →

Weekly newsletter- Week of Oct. 12, 2015


Language arts: Finish reading Bunnicula and completing our comprehension packet. Discuss irregular plural rules. Spelling test on Thursday. Plural words https://www.spellingcity.com/lantj/ Writing about familiar inventions that started out as mistakes. Example: slinky, silly putty, sticky notes, Popsicle, etc.   Homework: ONLY …Continue reading →