Week of March 14, 2016 – Vocabulary words (no spelling)


Greek Myth Vocabulary Words

found in Mini Comic Books (no spelling)


Week of March 14, 2016


  1. Satisfy- to meet a need
  2. Standard- regular
  3. Glee-great delight
  4. Quench-to extinguish something
  5. Pathetic-causing one to feel pity or sadness
  6. Lyre-string musical instrument similar to harp
  7. Lulled-soothed or calmed
  8. Eternal- lasting forever
  9. Doomed-cursed, bound to fail
  10. Impudent-being disrespectful, rude
  11. Grasp- to take hold of
  12. Lofty-rising very high
  13. Divine-supremely good
  14. Domain- area of influence or knowledge
  15. Whims- a sudden decision or change of mind


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