Weekly newsletter- March 14, 2016

Language Arts:
Greek Mythology unit
Analyzing story elements in a myth
Vocabulary words (no spelling)- Words found in Greek myths we will be reading.

Greek Myth Vocabulary Words

found in Mini Comic Books (no spelling)

Week of March 14, 2016

  1. Satisfy- to meet a need

  2. Standard- regular

  3. Glee-great delight

  4. Quench-to extinguish something

  5. Pathetic-causing one to feel pity or sadness

  6. Lyre-string musical instrument similar to harp

  7. Lulled-soothed or calmed

  8. Eternal- lasting forever

  9. Doomed-cursed, bound to fail

  10. Impudent-being disrespectful, rude

  11. Grasp- to take hold of

  12. Lofty-rising very high

  13. Divine-supremely good

  14. Domain- area of influence or knowledge

  15. Whims- a sudden decision or change of mind

Vocabulary homework – 2
Simple Solutions
March 14- Math quiz Fraction unit words
March 17 – Short quiz on Culture vocabulary words
Math- Continuing Fractions (changing mixed to improper and back again, adding and subracting mixed numbers)
Will move on to measurement next (perimeter and area)
DARE officer will be talking to the kids for three lessons this month.
Enjoy this weather!
Several students have had the flu in our classroom- FYI.
Please dont send your child to school if they are feeling ill.
We scrubbed down the desks on Friday afternoon. Hope it will curb the germs.
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