Weekly newsletter- May 16, 2016

Language Arts
Finishing up Mixed up Files book (Hopefully:)
Museum project
Typing up Biography reports
Publishing CLE landmark photo stories
Daily Edit
Spelling and Vocabulary words- Based on the story of a blind climber of Mount Everest. http://staff.bbhcsd.org/lantj/2016/05/weekly-vocabulary-and-spelling-list-week-of-may-16-2016/
Two spelling homeworks due Friday
Some kids will be bringing home Handwriting book to finish by June 1st (optional but encouraged.)
We will begin a CLE unit this week- Studying the history of Cleveland before our field trip.
Field trip FRIDAY- Rain or shine. Have children dress appropriately. Sunscreen if needed. Jackets if needed. Send in a disposable lunch and drink (no lunchboxes) Send in an extra water bottle, too. Kids get very thirsty, especially if it’s a warm day. Put  names on everything.
We will leave as soon as all shuttle kids arrive.
Parent chaperones should come at 9:15 am.
Bring a lunch, too:) Parent chaperones need to pay $16.00 as well. Sorry about that.
Children can bring cameras if they want to bring them. No money. We will not be going to the gift shop or vending machines.
​We should be back around 2:00 p.m. –  Tired, hungry and happy:)
THURSDAY- Ice Cream party- Send in any items – We’ll eat around 2:00 p.m. Parents welcome to attend and help… and eat too!
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