NFL news by Andy C.


    On ESPN, the first game they showed was the San Diego Chargers and Tennessee Titans. The Chargers were in the first quarter. The Chargers scored 7, and so did the Titans. In the second quarter, the Chargers scored …Continue reading →

Story by Hope


Once   when   I     was      3   years    old.    I    was    scared   of    the    pools   vacuum cleaner,   and   I    was   terrified      and    cried     a    lot.        By   Hope  

Halloween Story- by Devin


Suddenly I heard a noise from the attic. I went up to check it.  It has ghosts in it. I ran downstairs to see what is happening down there.  There were monsters down there and I was trapped.  I couldn’t …Continue reading →

World Series News- by Andrew Cl.


The Rays go to the World Series! The Rays defeated the Boston Red Sox 4 games to3. And last year Boston won the World Series 4games to 0 against the Colorado Rockies. The Rays have only have had been a …Continue reading →

Election Day in our Classroom


The students will be voting also on Election Day! In our classroom, we will have voter registration forms and ballots for President. Of course, we’ll also vote for our favorite colors, subjects, animals and holidays (just for fun).  We’ll post …Continue reading →

It’s official! We’re ready to blog.

Welcome to Mrs. Lant’s classroom blog. The students are eager to post; we’ve got a lot to stay. Check our blog once a week to see what’s new!

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