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Posted by Jeffrey Marlow on March 8, 2015 (Comments Closed)

March 6, 2015


In math, we are learning to multiply decimals. Students have been taught to place decimal points in the answer using two different strategies.  First, estimate the sum, then after finding the actual answer, place the decimal according to the estimate.  A second and more common way is to count the digits behind the decimal point in your problem and have the answer correspond.

We are continuing in chapter 6 multiplying decimal by powers of ten before moving on to decimal division.  How is multiplying and dividing decimals similar to multiplying and dividing whole numbers?


Now that the Math PBA is over, we will be getting back to assigning TenMarks.  The students have 14 days to complete 8 lessons on multiplying and dividing fractions.


After spending a few days reviewing for the AIR Test we are ready to continue in our study of sound. We will be using the Science Court Sound curriculum. It is a fun and interactive video series.


In language arts, we have taken a break from spelling tests.  Students presented their DARE essays and officially completed requirements to graduate from the DARE program.  We have been working on our reading and writing skills as we prepare for our upcoming PARCC assessments.


In social studies, we completed our unit on reasons for immigration.  We are not finishing our chapter on cultural groups on North and South America.  Our focus in now on South America.  Students have completed a map on South America and will be learning about 5 different cultural regions in South America.


We would really appreciate it if you could help replenish our supply of Clorox wipes. Apparently there are some students who are very concerned with cleanliness… May not be a bad thing. If you could, please send in unscented wipes. Thank you for your cooperation and generosity.  Mints are also being requested for testing dates.  We still have several dates ahead of us and these are much appreciated as well.