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Dear Hilton Community,

I am excited to share with you that, as Hilton students enjoy their summer vacation, the Playground Project is progressing well.  In June, after considering multiple drafts from three different companies, much discussion and deliberation, the Playground Committee made a final selection for the new playground design.  Presented by Service Supply Ltd. out of Columbus, the design utilizes the quality equipment of Landscape Structures. Many of the elements come directly from the survey results from students, parents, and teachers and staff.

Work has been done in developing an effective strategy to raise the remaining $35K needed to build the playground.  Efforts to solicit local businesses and corporations are underway, but your help is needed!  If you have a personal connection with any local businesses or funding organizations, please contact Janelle Henning at, as those relationships can be a great way to introduce the project to potential donors.  The project has been endorsed by Broadview Heights Mayor Samuel J. Alai, and we are meeting with Brecksville Mayor Jerry Hruby soon.

You can see the design renderings, along with much more information, at the Hilton PSO website:

Enjoy the rest of your summer!  School days will be upon us before we know it!
Hilton Playground Design

It was another successful Science Discover Zone @ Hilton last Friday!  With the assistance of our very own High School students, and Cathy Roderick, Melanie Hauer, and Pam Bowler of the Hilton PSO, the students were experimenting, hypothesizing, and learning about the three states of matter!
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It was a simple question I asked this morning.  In anticipation of our Science Discover Zone at Hilton tomorrow, I’ve been asking questions on the morning announcements regarding states of matter.  Today’s question was:  “Does air take up space?”  Well, looks like I got my answer from a classroom of first graders!  A huge “thank you” to Mrs. Cuy’s first graders for proving that air does indeed take up space!
does air take up space

Last week, before the cold weather hit, magician Rick Smith visited Hilton!  Not only did he dazzle the students with his celery-slicing card tricks, he reminded us that we can accomplish anything we set our minds to!
rick smith


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Principal for the Day

Three teachers were awarded BBH Schools Foundation Grants, and one received the Julie Sarka Grant today!  Congratulations Kelly Allar (kindergarten), Barb Stupp (art), Effie Konstas (speech & language pathologist), and Tonya Pagel (second grade)!IMG_3135[1]

Hilton Helpers

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A few days ago, three third graders wrote me a letter and inquired about “cleaning up” the Fairy Garden in the Art/Media Courtyard.  In a nutshell, the letter stated that our Fairy Garden had become a bit overgrown with weeds and needed some TLC.  Of course I asked if they knew how to weed properly, and they each  stated, “Yes, my mom makes me pull weeds in the backyard all the time.  Don’t worry Mr. Martin, we know the difference between a plant and a weed.”  That’s all I needed to hear!  The next day they attacked our Fairy Garden and it has never looked better!  These wonderful Hilton Helpers even did some restoration work by fixing a broken house and repainting it!  It is awesome to  see our young leaders with so much enthusiasm, responsibility, compassion, drive, humanitarianism, and respect!  Our students ARE OUR FUTURE!

I must admit, Hilton students were really focused this year when it came to estimating Bee Bucks!  So much so that one student came within nine of the actual number of Bee Bucks earned last year!  At the beginning of each year at Hilton, Mr. Martin visits each classroom and reviews all Hilton rules and expectations (Bee Responsible! Bee Respectful! Bee Ready to Learn! Bee the Difference!)  We discuss ways in which students earn Bee Bucks; that is, they earn Bee Bucks when staff members “catch them doing something good” anywhere at Hilton.  Think about that for a minute.  Last year, Hilton students earned 14,534 Bee Bucks.  That means students were caught doing something good on 14,534 occasions!  Wow!  That’s a lot of good deeds.  Check out the estimations by grade level (actual number 14,534):
Kindergarten = 18,010
First Grade = 13,408
Second Grade = 14,420
Third Grade = 14,525
IMG_2804 IMG_2801 IMG_2802 IMG_2803

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back all our wonderful Hilton families, as well as those new to HiltonSchool this year!  Let me first report that we have had a very smooth school opening this year at Hilton!  All the smiling faces, enthusiasm, and eager minds have gotten all of us even more excited about teaching and learning each and every day at Hilton. For those of you that don’t know me, I am David Martin, Principal of Hilton Elementary School.  It is a true joy to work with your children each and every day.  Your children bring joy to our hearts, and while Hilton is truly committed to absolute academic rigor and excellence for all students, I still LOVE what I do because of the positive energy I receive from being so honored and blessed to have your children as students.
We opened Hilton with the following enrollment numbers (Hilton is growing!)

  • Pre-school = 70…seven sections/classrooms
  • Kindergarten = 39 (ADK)
  • Kindergarten Mon./Wed. = 22
  • Kindergarten Tues./Thursday = 20
  • First Grade = 95…four classrooms
  • Second Grade = 76…four classrooms
  • Third Grade = 74…three classrooms
    GRAND TOTAL = 396

Hilton utilizes a school-wide PBS (­Positive Behavior Support) system.  Our motto is “Bee Responsible, Bee Respectful, Bee Ready to Learn, and Bee the Difference.”  At Hilton, students earn Bee Bucks when they are “caught doing something good.”  The system is largely based on the intrinsic reward of “doing something good.”  The students seem to continue to respond to this.  This year, Mr. Martin has walked around to each classroom with all the Bee Bucks (bound together like real money) that we earned last year.  There is a school-wide contest to try and estimate how many Bee Bucks we earned in 2012-2013.  (Hint: It’s in the thousands!)
We are interested in your thoughts, insights and ideas for the design and construction of a new playground in Hilton.  Please consider assisting with this very important project.  Our goal is to continue to raise funds this year, begin design plans, accept bids, and begin construction in the summer of 2014.  Here’s a link to our Playground Project Survey: HILTON PLAYGROUND PROJECT
You can follow me on Twitter @Hilt_Martin. Don’t have a Twitter account?  No problem!  Simply text “follow @Hilt_Martin” to 40404 and receive informational text messages from me.
Please consider signing up to volunteer to assist in supervising lunch and recess.  I look forward to another outstanding school year!

David S. Martin, Principal
HiltonElementary School

Thanks you Hilton PSO for the really awesome “Welcome Back to School” display in our lobby!IMG_2607[1]

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