How to Prepare for a Test

Here are some ideas to try:

Idea #1

Make flash cards.

Idea #2

Make your own mini-test. Create questions you think will be asked on the test (or complete a practice test that is provided).

Idea #3

Have mom, dad, or a sibling make up a quiz for you or ask you questions.

Idea #4

Rewrite or retype your notes. (Great keyboarding practice!)

Idea #5

Read your notes into a tape recorder and listen to it.
Idea #6

Create a venn diagram to compare/contrast ideas.

Idea #7

Create a sequence

Idea #8

Create a web to show main ideas and important details that you can remember.

Idea #9

Create a cause/effect chart.

Idea #10

Pretend you are the teacher and teach a real or pretend student all that you know about a topic.

Idea #11

Read over your notes. This is better than nothing, but doesn’t work very well for most students.
Idea #12

Explore other options.