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Educational Staff Background:

* Mr. Jeff Sidaway: Bachelor's in Education (Special Education for the Multiple Handicapped) from the University of Akron. Has worked at BBHHS since 2000-2001 school year and has Prior experience in the related field of respite care for 3-4 years and is a former graduate of BBHHS.

* Mrs. Cindy Egut: A former graduate of BBHHS. Has been a classroom assistant for 8 years in the unit and has 13 years experience working in the district.

* Colleen Radak

* Lisbeth Galmarini

* Mrs. Rosemary Allen as Co-Project Support runner type person.

Mrs. Allen has been an employee of BBHCSD for 4 years. Her first two years were spent in the MH room before accepting another position within the building. Mrs. Allen has not been able to separate herself from the unit and co-

Contact Info:

Mr. Sidaway:

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