Enormous Egg Chapters Read Aloud

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Chapter 1 Part 1

Chapter 1 Part 2

2013-2014 Media Center

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Welcome to Mr. Wasil’s Media Center Blog. The purpose of this blog is to:
1. Provide students, parents, and teachers information about technology standards and how integrating technology in the classroom can benefit learning. 2. To provide appropriate web links and approved sites for K-3 students. 3. To permit students to voice their opinions by commenting on this site. Students will be given the opportunity to review books, suggests websites, and provide ideas on what they feel important and want to learn.The picture below is a snap shot of the website that the students use to complete assignments in the media center. Click Here or on the picture below to view web page.

What is a Media Specialist?

School Media is the practice of finding, evaluating, and using information. Information is everywhere. . .in our books in the library, in our reference section, and in the computer room through online databases, directories and websites.

A media specialist helps students develop the skills they need to locate information, decide whether it is useful, and use it in a meaningful way. We also help instill the concepts of ethical use by honoring copyrights and Internet safety.
These are life skills which will become more and more important as the children mature. In the elementary years, we introduce age-appropriate challenges which will be built upon in middle school.

At all levels, these skills are taught in the context of the core classrooms and in collaboration with the classroom teacher.

Media Specialists are also librarians and we love books! We introduce the children to various genres of literature, such as realistic fiction, fantasy, or mystery. We help them to locate information books and begin to develop an understanding of the Dewey organizational system of our libraries.

A media specialist is in a school to help children unlock the pathways to knowledge, understanding, and success.


Personal Learning Networks

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Click here to view a page on suggestions on how to get started and to watch a 4 minute video of Will Richardson discussing Personal Learning Networks.




Starting a WordPress Blog through the District Software

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Click Here to print out directions on how to get started.


Smart Board Calibrating

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Click here for directions

What did you think about the book you read?

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Click on the comments link below and type in your review. We will share it with others in class if you would like.


Making Fun Crossword Puzzles

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This tip can be used for professional or even personal reasons. It is a
free crossword puzzle site that I thought would be fun for the end of
the year. As teachers, we all know that the last couple of days of
school can be challenging when trying to keep the kids involved and
busy. Well, I created a fun crossword puzzle about my students.

I am sure some of you may have better ones and if you do, please send me the free link.


For the end of the year I created a crossword puzzle that consisted of each one of my students.  The clues were a characteristic of each student and the answers are their first name.  When you get to the site, just follow the directions and then press create puzzle. The next screen that comes up is view puzzle. Once you see your puzzle, just print it and off to the copy machine.  This is a great tool to make review sheets for tests and creative homework reinforcements. Again, this is free so you can not edit the size of the boxes and things of that nature but it still looks great. The link is below.


 Click on the thumbnail picture below to view the full size crossword I made.

crossword1.jpg  crossword2.jpg


Creating a Desktop Picture

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You work hard and it seems like you just don’t get to see your family enough (at least that is how I feel). Wouldn’t it be nice to see a picture of your family, friends or even pets every time you turn your computer on? The first step is getting the picture onto the computer. If you already have a digital camera, then just hook your cords up and transfer your picture onto your computer. Once it is on the computer all you have to do is double click on it and when it is open you need to right mouse click on it. Click Here for directions. If you are using Windows XP or even Windows 98 you will see all of the options come up. Choose the option- set as desktop background and in about two seconds you will see your pride and joy on your screen. Try it and see. If you want to remove the picture, right mouse click anywhere on your desktop and choose properties. Then choose the theme you want.  As always, thank you for reading and have fun with this technique… Any comments or questions? Please post them below where it says comments. Have a great weekend.




Moving Pictures in a Word Document

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When you insert a picture into a Microsoft Word document the computer reads that picture as a text letter. This means that you can not freely move the picture anywhere you would like to. You have to just use the space bar or tab key to move it like it was a word or letter. This of course limits your creativity and overall scheme of what you are trying to do. There is a way to freely move the picture anywhere you would like. Click here for directions and a visual. This is great for making parent letters, worksheets for the kids, staff notifications or anything else we are required to do. As with anything, once you have tried it and practiced, it becomes very easy.  Give it a try!!! Any comments or suggestions, please leave below in the comments section.


Calculator on the Computer

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Ever find yourself needing a calculator right away. Well, your computer has a calculator and if you shortcut it onto your task bar you are just one click away from accessing a calculator. I find myself using this calculator all the time. You can access the calculator by going to the start button and then choosing all programs then accessories and then calculator.  


Of course this is the long way. Refer to the post a few weeks ago on how to create a shortcut onto your task bar by clicking here. Once you put this on your task bar, the calculator is one click away.  My shortcut is the 5th one over from the start button. When I need the calculator, all I do is double click on that icon and it appears. Very fast and effective.


As always, thanks for reading and give it a try!!!


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